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Sharon is a proud mother of 3 beautiful children and has been married for over 23 years to her husband Carwyn. She works full time as a HR Manager locally, which she enjoys as it involves helping people have a happier working life. She completed her studies in Human Resource Management at masters level Qualification in early 2022 and attended her graduation in September 2022 with all her family. She also loves animals dearly and has two dogs, a spaniel and a beagle.

Once the academic studies were complete, she launched Reiki Level 1 & 2 training to students to encourage others to become healers as well as develop and grow personally.  She really does enjoy working in small groups and sharing the knowledge and skills with those that have the desire to learn.

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Sharons Journey

Sharon began her Reiki journey during a period in her life where she was desperately trying to manage anxiety and stress, caused by the pressure of formal exams as well as other factors for which Sharon sought personal development.
At each exam she would find herself getting so overwhelmed that it would cause an increase in stress and emotional upset.
Reiki healing was how she managed to eventually calm her nerves to complete all exams successfully and has never looked back.
As there were so many benefits to her health, it was decided that the next development opportunity was to become qualified in Reiki level 1 as this then enabled her to carry out her own self-healing at times of need for herself and the family.
As this become such an integral part of her life with a real passion for calming the body and mind, she decided after a 6 months period to complete Reiki level 2 and then finally the Master level.

Complementary Therapist
Sharon is a practicing Complementary Therapist and is fully qualified and insured to practice.
She has a special interest in individuals Health and Wellbeing which includes the health benefits of stress reduction and is also a qualified Mental Health First Aider within her professional career as a HR Manager.  People are at the heart of everything she does.
When not at the office or running Reiki Calm Minds, Sharon spends her 'free' time with her family which now includes three grandchildren, as well as out in nature recharging her batteries whilst walking with her two dogs (Spaniel and Beagle).

Reiki Master
Sharon is qualified to level 3 which is also known as a Reiki Master in Usui Method of Natural Healing which is accredited by the Guild of Beauty and Holistic Therapists.

Sharon has extended her health and wellbeing services with products that are in line with caring for the planet and our bodies. You can now purchase from her Arbonne range of skincare, makeup and healthy body and in addition to this range Sharon has also branched out into the use of natural essential oils as part of her reiki treatments from her DoTerra products.
 To see the full product range of both Arbonne and DoTerra click on the link below.

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