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I left so relaxed and my mind was calm. What a fantastic experience, one that I'll be booking again. Sharon was brilliant, the whole session was amazing!


Sha is a really lovely lady who made me feel at ease as soon as I met her .
Extremely knowledgeable and brilliant at what she does .
Fantastic reiki treatment.


Sharon was amazing I contacted her late Friday night for crystal healing for my ptsd and she fitted me in Saturday afternoon. She understood everything and really put me at ease. The whole experience was phenomenal. I would highly recommend. Thank you sha, I will see you in a few weeks time x


Decided to give something new a trial and was pleased with outcome. I felt relaxed and ready for the next day ahead that was going to be challenging
I would recommend and would book again!


Sharon was amazing with me and my son. There wasn't one minute she didn't make me feel relaxed. She was amazing listen to every need and I felt she really understood me.

I can't wait to go back and visit again.


I was so refreshed and felt blessed to have this experience with such a lovely lady.


My first Reiki session was a nerve racking experience as this was new to me and I was slightly sceptical, however, Sharon was professional, welcoming, and friendly and she knew her stuff putting my mind at ease immediately.
The room itself was warm and chilled with soothing background music and lovely smelling scents.
As the session began, I almost immediately felt the heat between myself and Sharon. I soon felt completely calm, relaxed and on times like I was floating on air. 
I left the session wishing it didn’t have to end but felt a lot calmer, positive and energised. I feel better with each session, I would highly recommend a reiki session with Sharon.

Sam, Bridgend

Thank you for a wonderful first reiki experience. Having no idea what to expect I fully appreciated how at ease you made me feel and how comfortable I felt with you. I felt very relaxed and felt I was able to achieve this profound release of stress because you really took the time to connect with me about what I wanted to achieve and helped my understanding of reiki. Much appreciated and will definitely be booking again.


Sharon Lewis is a warm and vibrant soul who made me feel calm and relaxed from start to finish. I have always been a bit of a sceptic but after facing difficult times in my life I felt I would give it ago and I can honestly say I have never felt better its like the shackles and chains have been cut off of me and I feel lighter and a lot more calmer.

Lloyd, Aberkenfig

Whilst at reiki today, you made me feel so welcome and so friendly. I don't want to say I had an outer body experience but I can't descible what happened. My heart has been pounding for days now I feel chilled honestly it was absolutely amazing!!! Can't wait for the next one thank you x

Corey, Bridgend

Initially slightly sceptical about reiki I went into my first session with an open mind. In my first session I was surprised that both Sharon and I felt a lot of heat on my left leg which is where I’ve suffered nerve damage, even though I had not told Sharon about this beforehand. 


I’ve since used reiki to relax and help with anxiety and low mood. I always feel much calmer and refreshed after a reiki session. The room is really nicely decorated and relaxing, and Sharon is very professional and made me feel at ease doing something I wouldn’t normally do. I would highly recommend a reiki session with Sharon.

Kelly, Ogmore Vale

I did a Reiki Level 1 course and it was a great experience. I highly recommend this course with this Reiki Teacher- she was very clear, supportive and welcoming. The whole place had a  lovely energetic vibe.


I recently attended a Reiki 1 training session and I cannot recommend it highly enough! The course had the perfect balance of theory and brilliant practical's! Sharon is a very knowledgeable, friendly and effective Reiki instructor and catered for our needs throughout the day. The surroundings were also beautiful and calming, making it highly conducive to learning.


I cannot recommend Sharon enough to anyone looking for an alternative approach to healing. I’ve always been curious about Reiki and after working with Sharon for many years, I decided to give it a go. Sharon was absolutely brilliant, so compassionate and caring and made my first experience from start to finish a very calming and relaxing one. The results from Sharon’s Reiki stayed with me for a couple of weeks, I felt less stress, had more energy and slept much better. I will definitely be booking again!

Stephanie, Swansea

Sharon is a wonderful caring individual who started practicing reiki to help herself and with her wonderful gift starting also helping others.  Initially I was sceptical on the benefits of reiki but I have to say Sharon is amazing in both face to face sessions and long distance reiki healing.  I can’t recommend Sharon enough !

Kelly, South Wales

I had never had a reiki session before so didn’t know what to expect but Sharon is a very warm, kind person who shows great empathy and put me at ease. I felt very relaxed and calm and will definitely return for more reiki sessions. If you need some inner healing, I would highly recommend her!

Sue, Wales

I had never tried a Reiki treatment. Sharon Lewis and her Reiki treatment have dispelled all doubts about this formidable technique.

Raffaele, Italy

Absolutely love my reiki treatments with Sharon. I have been several times and will continue coming back. She doesn't pressure you in any way to come back for more and is very much "don't come back unless you feel you need to" and I love that. 

I really enjoy my sessions and always feel lighter afterwards. usually I go in with some anxiety but when I walk out its all gone. I love it. I experience some weird tingly feelings, or heat in certain areas and then sharon will tell me after the treatment is over that she felt it in the exact area I said without me even saying anything which blows my mind every time.

Cloe, Cowbridge

Recently had my first experience of reiki treatment. Sharon's surroundings were very comfortable and relaxing and found her very welcoming warm and friendly. As it was my first ever treatment it was all explained thoroughly to me and I was made to feel very at ease and the whole experience very fulfilling and will definitely be recommending sharon and re booking soon.

Joanne, Bridgend

I have had the pleasure of knowing Sharon for a couple years now has she is a regular client of mine in the salon and has always had a calming present to her. After a few chats with her about things that are going on with my life and anxiety issues i have she invited me to a reiki session with her. So booked and had my first session today. All I can say is wow. Looking forward to my next session all ready thank you Sharon you are and always will be amazing. Anyone who is going through stuff which I think we all have this year I would highly recommend x

Tricia, Bridgend 

Would highly recommend, I was dubious before booking but so glad I did.

I felt so relaxed, in fact I came home and fell asleep, something I haven't done for a long time. 

The atmosphere was so relaxing..
I didn't really know what to expect and thought I would feel more anxious but it was great.


Lovely session, I felt very comfortable and relaxed and would definitely visit again.


I would recommend anyone feeling a bit rundown, tired or stressed to book a session with Sharon. I am sure you will feel better afterwards and less stressed. Give reiki a try with an open mind and you will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. 


It was very relaxing. I am yet to see if its helped me with my health condition however I came with no expectations (1st session).  Communication with Sharon was really smooth when booking and Sharon made me feel comfortable and I would book again.​


I have never had reiki before and during a stressful time in my life I decided to try it. It was very benefitial from the relaxation right from the beginning of the session. I felt the energy moving within me (different sensations) and I feel at peace and feel as though the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. 


Meeting Sharon was a truly lovely experience. Sharon is an easy going and authentic person. I immediately felt comfortable in her presence, something which is quite unusual for me as I can be a little shy around people I don't know. She was kind, considerate, open and knowledgeable and I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with her. The treatment felt wonderful; I was relaxed and comfortable and enjoyed it immensely. After a tough  few months suffering mental health difficulties, I left felling much lighter and calmer than I'd thought I would after just one session. I will definitely be booking more reiki treatments with Sharon.

From the time I booked to the time I arrived at the premises we were in touch. I was encouraged to ask any questions I may have and was sent a reminder of my booking. All very professional.

The whole experience was pleasurable, from meeting and talking things through to the treatment itself. My head tingled throughout and I felt deeply comforted. I'm feeling relaxed and far more confident about my upcoming job interview.

Annonymous, Porthcawl

I was very happy with the healing. Sharon is a lovely woman and very caring. She is very passionate about what she does and makes you feel at ease as she explains everything really well and manages expectations on the process so she does not disappoint.  Highly recommend her.


My first session with Sharon for reiki today and I felt tense, tight chested and my anxiety was high. I left feeling completely at ease and calm and my chest was not so tight.  I cant wait to go back again.


I enjoyed the session and would have preferred to meet in person but due to self isolating, I was happy that the healer could adjust her treatment for my needs.


What an immersive day of training. Sharon is such a great teacher, explaining things clearly & concisely. It was a good balance between  practical work & presentation so I felt engaged & ready to receive the attunement & healing.  Highly recommended.

Amy, South Wales

This is something I never expected, I have experienced something amazing through distant reiki healing and it actually works! I feel relieved like a new person. It is unbelievable, I know I am going to do great things with this new energy I have acquired and I am glad I met Sharon, she's such a beautiful soul.

Ernest, Africa

Sharon made me feel comfortable from the moment I arrived. As a newbie to reiki Sharon gave me the opportunity to ask lots of questions and she provided me with lots of informative information. I will definitely book again.

Lisa, South Wales

Feeling compelled to thank Reiki Calm Minds today for a powerfully, uplifting crystal healing session. I have not had crystal therapy before and was looking forward to it with a open mind. The energy was really tangible.

I was surprised to feel the crystal pulse and give off this strong comforting energy, not easy to describe.. One even moved itself which is strange I know!


I also felt a beautiful energy feeling all around me. After this session I am feeling so much better, energised, grounded and aligned. I have not felt well today but all the fog and physical systems have gone and I am relaxing in a happy and mindful state.

The healing space is beautiful there too and Sharon is a very lovely practitioner of healing.

Thank you Sharon I willl be back for more.

Julie, Vale of Glamorgan

Instantly after the Reiki session I felt so calm, was able to think clearly and reflect about my life.
I felt so comfortable and connected to Sharon straight away.


Had a wonderful session, it was my first time so I was quite nervous but it was so relaxing and calming. I didint even realise that I needed it. Highly recommended x


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Kelly, England

I'm so glad I completed the Reiki level 1 course with Sharon. Sharon is such lovely person and she put me at ease straight away. Her space is so relaxing and peaceful - a perfect environment for healing work. I also had a distant healing with Sharon before the course. I was experiencing a lot of anxiety due to difficult circumstances. The healing helped me feel much better. I had a reiki healing with Sharon after the course which felt amazing! Sharon has been very supportive since I met her and started this journey. She has been available when I've had questions or concerns. She has been able to reassure and help me as I'm continuing to learn about reiki. I highly recommend Sharon to anyone looking for a reiki treatment or course.

Rani, Cardiff

During my first ever distance Reiki practise I provided a very powerful healing session. The recipient later told me that at the time I was providing the distance Reiki they had a hard feeling, like mild pressure in their area of discomfort. The pain then subsided & the following day was practically all gone. Reiki is literal magic!

Amy, Wales

I was feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with life in general due to a very difficult year. During and after they treatment I felt relief to be doing something for myself. The following day I felt calmer and experienced a lighter feeling within myself. Have booked another session and I am looking forward to it greatly.


I was very impressed with Reiki cristals healing session. I felt like I flouting above my body .My esoteric body been glowing in neon green light. Was such an incredible experience, I been in peace. 
Felt so powerful energies circulated through my body. That was magical. Thank you Sharon for amazing experience!

Rita, South Wales

Sharon is such a lovely person. It was my first ever reiki session and i was not 100% sure what to expect but she put me to ease. I have booked my next session.



Very relaxing studio. Sharon was very welcoming and knowledgable.



The experience was very helpful and would highly recommend. Sharon was very welcoming and instantly made me feel at ease. She was very thorough in going through matters and obviously willing to go more than the extra mile to ensure the best experience was received.



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