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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Distant Healing?

Distant or Absent Healing is a way of sending healing energy to a person who, for whatever reason, cannot attend a healing session in person. The healing energy is therefore ‘sent’ to that person, no matter where they are in the world in relation to the healer.

It is an established healing method in both the Spiritual Healing and Reiki traditions and can be as effective as an in-person healing session.

How does Distant Healing work?

The energy is sent to the client by the healer, who will focus on the client and connect with their energy through the power of intention.

This might seem rather far-fetched. However, just think for a moment how many times we send "love", "good wishes" or "loving thoughts" to people, and how – quite often, people sense that love, good wishes, loving thoughts.

Also, consider the fact that whatever we do or say, we first have the thought of doing or saying. For example, I might fancy a cup of tea. Before I make that tea, I have to have the thought: ‘I’d like a cup of tea’. This process is beautifully summed up in the phrase ‘energy follows thought’. We cannot do anything without firstly thinking about it. No thought – no tea.

Distant Healing is an extension of this thinking practice, using the Universal Energy Field which connects us all.

What are the benefits of choosing to receive Distant Healing?

• You can receive it anywhere
• You can receive it in the comfort of your own home
• You do not have to spend time travelling to an ‘in-person’ appointment
• If mobility is a challenge, you do not have to travel to receive Distant Healing, it comes to you
• If transport is an issue, again, the healing comes to you so no need to travel
• You can choose the ‘short session’ option – ideal for the busy client who has little time to spare
• You can receive Distant Healing at any time by bringing your focus and attention to it
• However, you will receive your Distant Healing even if you do not focus on it
• It requires virtually no effort from you, but you still receive the healing
• Distant Healing can be a practical solution for children who might not be able to sit or lie still during an ‘in-person’ session.
• Distant Healing can also be sent to animals who might otherwise be uncomfortable with a hands-on appointment.
• The ‘short sessions; usually suit children and animals.
• Distant Healing can also be sent to situations.
• It can be sent to buildings and places.
• Distant Healing is flexible and accessible, with a number of options to choose from.
• I feel that Distant Healing is often the answer when logistics are most challenging.

What do I have to do to receive Distant Healing?

First of all, we need to comply with the law. This means I need permission to send Distant Healing to you. The type of permission I need will vary depending whether you are an adult or a child. Permission can usually be given by simply sending me an email asking for Distant Healing. Please ask for details of this when enquiring.

If you wish to, you can then tell me a little bit about your situation and the reasons why you are seeking healing. You do not have to tell me anything if you don’t want to, but often, clients ask me to focus on specific issues, so it can be helpful to have some background.

Please note, all information given is confidential – again as far as the law allows. Please ask if you have questions about confidentiality.

And then?

You can then decide how you want to receive the Distant Healing. If you are choosing traditional Distant Healing, there are a number of options:

We can arrange a specific time and date for you to receive the healing.
This is perfect for those who wish to know exactly when the Distant Healing is
being sent. You can then sit down, relax and focus on the energy, or you can
just be assured that the healing has been sent at this time.

We can arrange a specific date, but not a time.
I will then send the Distant Healing when I feel it’s the best time to do so.
I can send you a text or email when I start, again reassuring you that the
Distant Healing is being sent.
Often clients ask for Distant Healing to be sent ‘in the morning’ or ‘in the
afternoon’ but don’t mind exactly when.

You can ask for Distant Healing to be sent, but don’t mind when.

This is sometimes useful when someone is travelling, or if they have a long-
term illness. They book a number of sessions and ask me to send healing
‘as and when’ I feel it is appropriate. This means they do not have to
remember it’s being sent.

No matter which option you choose, the Distant Healing will be sent as agreed and all options are equally effective.

What happens after the Distant Healing has been sent?

I will send you an email or WhatsApp with my feedback. This includes what happened in the session, where I worked and my insights and any guidance.
I would encourage you to send me feedback too if you wish to – so we have a full understanding of what happened and how the Distant Healing was experienced.

What happens if I forget that Distant Healing is being sent or I miss the appointment?

Please don’t worry if this happens. The Distant Healing will be there for you and you can focus on it at any time to receive its benefits. Indeed, many clients do this a number of times anyway, whether they have missed the appointment time or not.

What Does It Cost?

I offer the following options:

One short Distant Healing session of 15 minutes £15.00
This is perfect for an emergency, or as a trial session.

Four short Distant Healing sessions of 15 minutes* £50.00
This is a very popular option, often used to explore an issue over a specific period of time which can arranged to suit your needs, over a period of up to four weeks.

For example, you could choose to have the four sessions over a short space of time.  This is helpful when focussing on acute situations, eg accidents, bereavements, shocks etc.  Four sessions could be taken very intensively, perhaps even every day or within a week.

On the other hand, you could choose to have one session every week and explore your situation over this longer period of time.
*NB – if you do opt to have the four sessions over an extended period, you will need complete them within the four-week time frame to qualify for this option.

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